The CIPS UK Conference is back! Join us to hear experiences and insights of expert leaders on a range of topics critical to the future of procurement in the UK. 

Key topics and takeaways

Championing responsible procurement

Are you taking charge of the sustainability agenda in your organisation? Procurement is ideally placed to lead on this initiative. Join us to ensure you're ready to take on the challenge

Developing the procurement leaders of the future

How can we recruit the right talent and continue to nurture employees to ensure they are future leaders

Building resilient supply chains

Since the pandemic, organisations are considering the optimal combination of suppliers, including more local partners with products produced closer to end destinations. Hear how leading organisations are managing this transition

Ensuring diversity in procurement

Discover how to build diversity in your team culture as well as your supplier base

Putting the ‘Social’ into Environmental, Social and Governance reporting

If you have a globalised supply chain can you be sure that everyone gets a fair deal? Find out how to ensure that workers around the world have the protections