Day one: Stream 1

Procurement 4.0: Technology and Digitalisation


Chair’s welcome

Please note, all sessions include 5 minutes to accommodate changeover between streams.


Robotic Process Automation: A Jaguar Land Rover Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover present their ambitious, multi-phase RPA program. This practical, replicable use case for digital, analysis and automation proves that robotics isn’t just about ‘replacing jobs’ but creates real business value, above and below the line.

Richard Harding, Global Purchasing Director Purchasing Transformation & Operations, Jaguar Land Rover
Rob Kesterton, Head of Robotic Process Automation COE, Jaguar Land Rover


Panel discussion: Creating value through technology

  • Identifying fit for purpose technology not just technology for technology’s sake
  • Remaining agile and responsive to business and market changes when implementing technology projects
  • How is technology changing the skillset required of the modern procurement professional?
  • Building the foundation for digital transformation: How to structure the business for a successful program

Nick Jenkinson, Senior Director – Procurement & CRE, Astellas Pharma
Dale Turner, Director and Supply Chain Director, Skanska
Rob Metcalf, Group Purchase Manager- Systems, JCB
Rob Tuckwell, Director of Partnerships & B2B, Barclaycard


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