Atamis is a leading UK procurement software provider that increases efficiencies throughout the strategic sourcing cycle.

The Atamis system has been deployed to over 200 organisations including
the Home Office for contract management, Admiral Group plc for eSourcing
and supplier due diligence, NHS England for pre-procurement approval and
the Welsh Government for analysing £6bn p.a. of cross-public sector spend.
Atamis is the provider for the Department of Health and Social Care’s end-to-
end eCommercial system, which is either already implemented or in the
process of being rolled out across various NHS Bodies, DHSC arm’s length

bodies and other parts of the Health Service.

Atamis 3.0 is a modular, software-as-a-service solution, so you can pick and
choose the elements you need – but it stands out for its flexibility. Our clients
tell us that no other procurement system is as capable of meeting custom
requirements. Reliable, responsive and intuitive, information in the system is
always accurate and instantly available. Above all, what makes the Atamis
solution excel is the quality support you’ll receive from our dedicated team of
responsive, proactive and talented people who take pride in personally
ensuring your procurement operation runs to maximum effect.