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Rizikon Assurance helps organisations to take control of third party risk with secure online supplier assessments in your own branded portal, 360-degree risk scorecards for each supplier, a Dashboard showing total third-party risk across all of your suppliers and a host of other features and standard questionnaires.

The built-in Standard Assessments on topics like cybersecurity, GDPR, modern slavery,
anti-bribery & corruption can be combined with your own tried and tested question sets. It seamlessly integrates with Creditsafe to provide data and credit risk ratings on over 320 Million companies globally; building up a complete view of all risks from third parties.

You can use Rizikon Assurance out-of-the-box, or use our services and partner services to completely transform your approach to third party risk management. Rizikon Assurance is owned and developed by Crossword Cybersecurity PLC – the technology transfer software business that specialises in cyber security and risk management. Crossword works with Universities to create value from their research.