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Mercateo Group provides the infrastructure for digital collaboration and transactions that enable purchasers to have access to a vast range of long tail business supplies via a single creditor. The company’s B2B platforms include and Europe’s leading procurement marketplace, with extensive eProcurement functions and services. It allows suppliers and manufacturers to benefit from an additional digital distribution channel.

As a supplier-neutral B2B networking platform, Unite helps businesses to establish a standardised, digital purchasing process without sacrificing supplier diversity while allowing them to reach a growing product range from their own system interface. Using their own suppliers and expanding the range of offerings to their buyers enables companies to bundle indirect procurement on a single platform, mitigate risks and gather quality data.

Mercateo Group is located in 14 European countries and employs 550 people. Since its foundation in 2000, the entire company has expanded continuously and profitably, achieving a turnover of 285 million Euros in 2018.